Leadership Coaching

Your Full Stride is a results driven leadership coaching experience that is customized to you.  Our toolbox is full of proven coaching practices.  We build an action oriented, results focused program that will support you in accomplishing your goals. The horse has outwardly expanded our lives throughout history, join us to expand your final frontier, the journey inward. We challenge you to become unbridled and empowered as we charge Full Stride Ahead! 

How it Works

Why a Horse Coach?

Horses provide honest and instant feedback on hidden behaviors.  They react immediately to what is going on within you. Horses communicate non-verbally and are masters of the herd mentality.  They know their role and they assist us in discovering yours.


Horses can read our intent so I must be authentic and trustworthy if I am to create a willingness within them to learn.

Monty Roberts, Horse Whisperer and author, The Man Who Listens to Horses

Leadership Presence

As a leader, it is often difficult to get the brass tacks feedback needed to create change for leadership growth. In this coaching experience there isn't a sugar coated delivery on how the horse delivers their reaction to you, it is real and raw.  The result is that you experience yourself through the eyes of the horse and the cognitive blind spots are revealed. This valuable information is the opportunity to affect change in your life and illuminate your pathway boldly and confidently forward. 


Leadership presence is primarily a non-verbal phenomenon, yet where do we go to exercise that other 90%? 

Linda Kohanov, author, The Power of the Herd

Life Changing Learning

Leadership coaching with the horse coaches provides a memorable experience.  In a traditional coaching session on average 10-20% of the learning is retained. When the coaching is coupled with a horse the learning retention skyrockets to almost 80%.  The experience is forever locked into your memory because all of your senses are engaged throughout the coaching session.


History shows that horses are experts at helping people develop the power, focus, balance-in-motion, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and the physical, mental and emotional collection demanded of great leaders. Linda Kohanov, author, The Power of the Herd

Why the Horse?

Horses communicate through nonverbal communication and are animals of synchronicity. They tune into the person and react to the nonverbal signals in the present moment. Their feedback offers a valuable resource to leaders who are ready for breakthroughs. Click on the video below to learn more.

Are You Ready to Begin your Journey?

We have designed a class called Discover Your Stride where you can experience the benefits of coaching with a horse coach.  Join us for a powerful 2 hour group session where you will take away a new perspective and opportunity for action! Click on the link to find out more or email me at info@yourfullstride.com.  

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