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Leadership Development Experiences to Create Better Leaders and Strong Teams

As a leader, it is often difficult to get the brass tacks feedback needed to create change for leadership growth. This leadership development experience isn't a sugar-coated delivery. The horse delivers their reaction to you, it is real and raw. 

What it takes to influence a horse translates into what it takes to influence people. 

  • Horses provide honest and instant feedback on hidden behaviors. 
  • React immediately to what is going on within you. 
  • Communicate non-verbally and are masters of the herd mentality. 
  • Know their role and they assist others in discovering theirs. 

This valuable information is the opportunity to affect change in leadership development and illuminate the pathway boldly and confidently forward for your leaders. 

The Full Stride Leadership Experience

Our focus at Full Stride Leadership is to tailor the leadership development program to the need within your organization. Full Stride Leadership trainers, facilitators, and executive coaches have real world experience and business acumen. The Full Stride Leadership Team brings our “A” game so that we can develop your leaders to be in their Full Stride! 


Our work is focused on producing the key areas of development opportunity that will create the most impact for the business culture. Finding Your Stride is designed to uncover development gaps within the company. The report includes the areas of opportunity for the current employee development and ideas for future leadership development i.e. developing emerging leader programs.  The other employee assessment opportunities we offer include:

• DiSC • StrengthsFinder • Social Skills • Leadership Behavior Inventory • HeartMath

Leadership Development Competencies

What leadership competences are critical for the success of your organization?  

What process do you have in place to identify the future leaders?  

Studies have shown that leaders who “grow-up” with the company have the most impact with their teams. We look at the top leadership competencies from your industry, align the competencies to your culture and build programs to strengthen those attributes to lay the foundation of a leadership legacy.   

Some examples of top leadership competencies are: • Adaptability • Building relationships • Leader communication • Developing and coaching others • Leading from within  • Innovation • Problem Solving • Strategic thinking 

Group Development/Team Building

We work with teams who want to reach their full potential and the teams can expect: 

  • Self-awareness of how they hold themselves back.
  • Nonverbal communication skills, (which is 90% of our leadership communication).
  • How others perceive them as leaders. 

We believe that leadership includes a number of skills that can be effectively and quickly taught with horses.


These skills include:

  • Emotional and Social intelligence
  • Leader Communication
  • Relationships and Trust
  • Accountability and Boundaries
  • Leadership Vision
  • Teamwork


Traditional learning models (aka sit and get) can net an average of 5%-10% learning retention. When leaders are brought into an experience where they are learning by doing the retention rate skyrockets to 75%-80%.  

Turnover cost of employees is high you can plan on at least 20% on the national average for a $50K year position = which translates into $10,000 per person.  

The reality of turnover is that employees leave bad managers and leaders and not usually the company they work for. 

Leadership Legacy

What kind of leaders do you need today to materialize your business goals of tomorrow? 

The Full Stride Leadership Program is customized to your unique business goals.  All leadership development activities are strategically aligned to the business.   

Engaged Employees not only save the company money, they actually make the company money through retention, performance, customer loyalty and quality.       

What could be possible for your business if your leaders were strong, engaged and connected? 


Our goal is to put your leaders in their FULL STRIDE!

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