Meet Our Team

Coach Lyle

Lyle is a 22 year old Appaloossa Gelding.  Don't let the lack of spots fool you.  Lyle is patient and kind.  He is the boss of his herd. He has many wise leadership lessons to share. He loves to connect.

Coach Diesel

 Diesel comes to us from the rolling plains of South Dakota. This Quarter Horse gelding has seen a lot of life and delivers beyond what is asked of him. Diesel is a no-nonsense leader at the barn and with his strong, gentle way he reflects respect and respectability.   

Coach Peanut Butter Cup

She is the only "Barn Princess" at the Ox Yoke Stables.  Born in the spring of 1990, outside, on a beautiful, sunny afternoon.  She is a 27 years old, 15 hand, Quarter Horse, mare with her own unique style.

Natalie Kerber

Owner and Operator of the Ox Yoke Stables.  Natalie also oversees safety for all horse training and coaching programs. 

Liz Weatherhead

Lead facilitator for onsite training programs.  Master presenter and expert in communication and team building skill sets.  

Sarah Patnode

Horse crazy, avid learner, certified coach with over 15 years experience of coaching, instruction, program creation and implementation.  Creator of Your Full Stride and Owner of Full Stride Leadership.