Team Building

Team Building for the Next Generation

We bring horses and people together in leadership development programs to create better leaders and strong teams.

We work with the next generation of teams who want to reach their full potential and the participant can expect:

  • Self-awareness of how they hold themselves back 
  • Nonverbal communication skills, (which is 90% of our leadership communication)  
  • How others perceive them as leaders.  

Questions We Answer

Why as an established team you are not on the same page? 

How to get to know each other as a new team?

How to work with team members who show up on the team as too strong or too passive? 

What is in your way as a team to perform optimally? 

Are you seeking a unique and memorable experience to develop teams for your emerging leaders? 

The Full Stride Leadership Team, customizes every experience to the team we work with.  We answer each question with a robust, unique and empowered team building experience.  Most team building sessions in a class room setting will net about 10-20% in retention of learning.  Our experiential learning model by comparison yields an approximate 80% retention of learning due to the hands on development environment. 

Areas of Focus

The Full Stride Team Building experience is focused to an organization’s specific needs. To create a productive and cohesive team the following skills sets are explored and developed:

  • Relationships and Trust
  • Leadership Vision
  • Accountability and Boundaries
  • Leader Communication 

Next Step to Team Building

Full Stride Team Building is unique and experiential.  We highly recommend the following steps to explore if this experience is the right fit for your team.

  • Request more information
  • Schedule a demonstration with key leaders to experience the session
  • Debrief on the learning and proposal overview