Video Testimonial

Jane Morrison shares her reaction to her first session in Your Full Stride Leadership Coaching.


Horses Impact People's Lives!

Coach Lyle brought his "A" game today guiding me to embrace the calm and quiet my mad rush to greatness at Full Stride Leadership. What a beautiful way to blend a passion for leadership development and teambuilding with a love for horses. – Amanda Svedarsky

My introduction to Full Stride Leadership’s coach, Lyle and owner Sarah, was an incredible experience. One that I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to develop their leadership skills and become a better you from the home to the office. Throughout my session, Lyle’s interactions were clear responses to my thoughts and words. It was amazing how he sensed my energy and coached with his actions. Sarah facilitated our session with open ended questions that lead me down the path of what I needed to learn.  Her strength in interpretation by observing and listening was invaluable. I am looking forward future insightful sessions with Lyle and Sarah. 

- Laura Iversen

Horses have taught me so much - especially Lyle, who told me to relax and enjoy the ride. Since I’ve taken his advice, I have had a great ride in life.  - Jane Powers

My experience with horse coaching was fascinating, rich and meaningful. My horse connected with me in a way that brought me clarification on my current life challenges and validated my goals and dreams. I was a bit nervous to be around a big horse but that quickly evaporated with Sarah's guidance. I fell in love with my horse Lyle and you will too. This is a wonderful way to learn more about yourself. - Jane Morrison

Sarah and Lyle were both wonderful to work with! I enjoyed my session very much and learned things about myself that I've continued to reflect on over the past few weeks. Sarah is a great listener, so positive and supportive! The follow up portion of the experience provides additional value and meaning far beyond what I learned in the arena! Sarah leaves no stone unturned in providing a top notch experience!  Big thumbs up!- Lori Amborn

This was truly a wonderful experience. The coaching I experienced from Lyle and Sarah was very personal and it struck a chord with major current events in my life. I would encourage anyone to try Full Stride Leadership, even if you are on the fence, I think there are some powerful lessons to learn about yourself, the people you care about and your passion. - Bryan Vohnoutka

This is the most powerful consulting service you will find in Minnesota. After one session with owner Sarah Patnode I found a critical piece of myself that I was able to identify, acknowledge and then improve on immediately. If anyone is looking for a place to improve your life this is the place to start and Sarah is the one to call! Thank you Full Stride Leadership! - Robert Erickson