Horses Impact People's Lives!

Amanda Svedarsky, Director


 I regularly seek out creative ways to push my boundaries and grow as a leader, but today's experience at the barn with "coach Lyle" brought my level of self-awareness to a whole new level. Full Stride Leadership coaching uses the nonverbal cues of horses to teach empowered decision making and clarity of purpose in personal/professional interactions. What a beautiful way to blend a passion for leadership development & team building with a love for horses.     

Laura Iversen, Director


 I was very impressed with the team building exercises.  It was amazing how much you can learn about yourself as a team leader and team member.   I can see how the interactive hands on learning would be a great benefit to people wanting to develop and perform better as a team 

Bryan Vohnoutka, Area Manager


This was truly a wonderful experience. The coaching I experienced from Lyle and Sarah was very personal and it struck a chord with major current events in my life. I would encourage anyone to try Full Stride Leadership, even if you are on the fence, I think there are some powerful lessons to learn about yourself, the people you care about and your passion. 

Lori Amborn, Owner


Full Stride Leadership leaders did a great job facilitating the group and leading this session. My take always for the day included a new appreciation for the numerous responsibilities a leader has and an awareness of how roles impact perspective.  

Robert Erickson, Realtor


This is the most powerful consulting service you will find in Minnesota. After one session with owner Sarah Patnode I found a critical piece of myself that I was able to identify, acknowledge and then improve on immediately. 

Chris Jean, Teacher


I particularly enjoyed the “in the moment” aspect of the learning approach, where each participant takes the lead, expresses her feelings, and reflects on his own actions. With Sarah’s keen eye and Lyle as “partner to our soul”, we were able to quickly identify and adjust our limiting behavior in order to lead efficiently and build a cohesive team. Since then, my mind is wrapped up around two nice feelings: authenticity and being in tune.

Jane Morrison, Owner


My experience with horse coaching was fascinating, rich and meaningful. My horse connected with me in a way that brought me clarification on my current life challenges and validated my goals and dreams. I was a bit nervous to be around a big horse but that quickly evaporated with Sarah's guidance. I fell in love with my horse Lyle and you will too. This is a wonderful way to learn more about yourself. 

Rachel Friberg, Director


Working with Sarah and Lyle was extremely eye-opening. The feedback received throughout the session was genuine and helpful. After just once meeting I have already felt positive change occurring.

Kristen Wertenberger, Owner


Sarah and Lyle are great facilitators of personal growth and learning. By questioning our own thoughts and reactions from Lyle we can find things in life that don’t serve us and begin making small changes to create the life we desire. 

Tera Ficker, Owner


 The Horsing Around class for little leaders was a great experience for my daughter and her friends. We were able to groom and dress up the horses. We learned interesting horse facts and each girl was able to have a ride! I recommend Full Stride Leadership. The staff was great, the horses were awesome and I would definitely come back for another session. 

Tonya Tatro, Managing Director


We recently went to the little leaders Horsing Around program and our girls loved it! It was a unique and engaging experience, the kids are still talking about it. Sarah did an amazing job and we highly recommend this program.